A new solution to Leaky Gut syndrome

Leaky Gut, the microbiome and mental health

The microbiome has become a topic of increasing importance and is now more relevant than ever, with a particular focus on the role of gut bacteria on both physical and mental health. Many discuss the role of the gut and the effect it plays on a person’s mental health and how toxins such as heavy metals, histamine and ammonium can leave the mind foggy and unclear. Especially toxins such as ammonium which in studies has shown to have a high toxic impact on the central nervous system and cause psychological disturbances and behavioural disorders.

What causes a leaky gut?

Lectins such as gluten (from beans, soy, nightshade, grains and wheat – especially wheat germ agglutinin – etc), stress, medications, pathogens and toxins such as ammonium (a by-product of protein and left-over amino acids) and heavy metals can contribute to the “leakiness” of the gut.

What is a leaky gut?

When the connective tissue between epithelial tight junctions of the small intestine loosens, a knock-on effect can be felt throughout the body including a leaky brain due to the gut being linked to the brain by the Vagus nerve.

The release of histamine in the small intestinal tract will act as first defence, whereby the wall of the small intestinal tract becomes inflamed. This inflammation acts as a barrier and reduces the amount of nutrition being absorbed by the body whilst the loosened tight junctions allow for the passage of unchecked food particles, pathogens and lipopolysaccharides which would otherwise be modulated by Zonulin and kept in the intestinal lumen. This is the beginning of a chain reaction.

What happens when you have a leaky gut?

With the absorption of unwanted substances now in the body, the immune system will react, and the more permeable the gut, the bigger the reaction! The immune system can be thrown out of balance and become sensitive to both good and bad substances, releasing more histamine throughout the body which is then free to circulate and cause further inflammation at the site of histamine receptors.

Symptoms of a Leaky Gut

Due to the many histamine receptors in various parts of the body, an overload of histamine caused by a reaction from the immune system can present itself it many different ways such as skin reactions, urticaria, asthma, and other histamine modulated symptoms. Opportunistic bugs such as candida, which release mycotoxins to spread, begin to thrive in the intestinal tract as the conditions become favourable for them. Bad bacteria, toxicity, immune reactions, gut dysbiosis, absorption issues and chronic fatigue are all signs that the gut, particularly the small intestine, has become leaky. Autoimmune disorders such as Hashimoto’s disease are also directly linked. With a leaky gut, food proteins get through and mimic certain body tissues which our immune system then confuses with these food proteins, a fate inescapable even if you’re vegan!

A new solution to Leaky Gut

Therefore, it can be said that the immune system is reflected in the state of the small intestinal wall. In order to fix this leaky gut something needs to be done to reduce inflammation in the wall of the small intestine. Given that it is histamine which causes the inflammation, the best starting point is eliminate histamine. The solution? Toxaprevent.

Toxaprevent contains the active, patented ingredient MANC®, a “clean” form of zeolite. It’s a negatively charged particle derived from volcanic ash, capable of binding to heavy metals, ammonium and more importantly for leaky gut syndrome, histamine! The size of the particle is optimised to ensure it isn’t absorbed by the body and remains only in the digestive tract, allowing it to capture and eliminate substances in enterohepatic circulation that contribute to leaky gut consistently through reabsorption. Toxaprevent Medi ACUTE Capsules by-pass the stomach and release the active ingredient in the small intestine. Here, MANC® is able to bind to histamine in the wall of the small intestine, thereby reducing inflammation. This gives the epithelial tight junctions a chance to repair themselves and strengthens the integrity of the small intestinal wall.

How long will it take to heal my leaky gut?

Studies have confirmed this result after showing reduced zonulin levels in leaky gut patients after 3 months of taking MANC®. Anti inflammatory short chain fatty acids and good gut bacteria (enhanced by Toxaprevent) transform resistant starch into butyric acid which also repairs the leaky gut and the and acts as a signalling molecule. In addition, the colostrum content in the ACUTE Capsules also help to bring the immune system back into balance while MANC® repairs the leaky gut.

Once the leaky gut starts to heal, the knock-on effect on the body is lessened, and other supplements may be added to further healing. Toxaprevent can therefore be seen as a base to the therapy – heal the leaky gut first, and tackling other health issues can become a lot easier!

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