Leaky Gut Health Pack – 6 months


This health pack contains products that target leaky gut.

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This health pack is designed to target histamine intolerance in those who are lactose intolerant and cannot have lactose.

Stress, pathogens, medications, poor diets – often high in lectins such as wheat agglutinin – and toxic substances all contribute towards a leaky gut, which is measured using zonulin levels as an indicator. These factors create a histamine response in the intestinal tract that creates inflammation in the lining of the gut, causing the gut to become leaky which can eventually force the immune system to become overactive and attack the body’s own tissues  and lead to autoimmune conditions.

Toxaprevent exerts an anti-inflammatory effect on the intestinal tract by binding and removing histamine in the wall of the small intestine. This reduces the inflammation and allows the epithelial tight junctions a chance to repair themselves, strengthening the integrity of the intestinal barrier. This effect was shown in a study which saw zonulin levels decrease over a 3 month supplementation period using MANC® particles.

Directions for use

Take 3 PURE Capsules first thing in the morning 2 hours before breakfast with 300ml water. Take 3 more PURE Capsules at night 2 hours after food with 300ml water. 

Taking the capsules away from food and medication will allow MANC® particles to enter the lower digestive without being covered in proteins and without having bound to any substances in food. This allows MANC® particles to better target histamine in the wall of the small intestine so it can reduce the inflammation.


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