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Four Steps to Start your Personalised Microbiome Supplement Journey

Step 1

Provide Sample

Order your Floré gut sequencing test which includes easy-to-follow instructions and all the tools you will need to provide a sample. There is even a link to a helpful video. Collect a micro-stool sample from the comfort of your own home and send it back to the Nouveau Healthcare offices.

Remember to register your Floré ID on our portal and fill in our health & diet survey.

Step 2

Receive your Report

Our world class team of scientists extract and sequence your gut microflora DNA from your sample and prepare your individual comprehensive gut analysis report keeping your health goals in mind.

Login to our portal and view your report, showcasing everything you need to know about your gut.

Step 3

Receive Your Custom Floré Formulation

Our Floré scientists craft your personalised formulations made of pre, pro live bacteria and botanicals. Your Floré personalised microbiome supplement will be cold shipped, straight to your front door. Floré is high in CFU/g (Colony Forming Unit per gram), proven to survive the gastric system, and fortified with natural botanicals for your gut microflora.

Step 4

Meet Your Dedicated Expert Clinical Team

Get tailored support. Our clinical expert team will answer, breakdown and guide you through our portal and your microbiome analysis.


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