Toxaprevent Medi Acute
Toxaprevent Medi ACUTE Capsules
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Toxaprevent Medi ACUTE Capsules


What are Toxaprevent Medi ACUTE Capsules used for?

  • Targets the lower digestive tract (small intestine and colon) and rebalances the immune system
  • Leaky Gut
  • Immune support
  • Inflammation of the intestines
  • Regenerates intestinal mucosa
  • Strengthen the intestinal barrier
  • Reduce histamine related symptoms

What do Toxaprevent Medi ACUTE Capsules do?

Toxaprevent Medi ACUTE Capsules absorb (bind) and remove heavy metals, histamine and ammonium from the lower digestive tract (small intestine and colon) using the active ingredient MANC® (Modified and Activated Natural Clinoptilolite) whilst depositing colostrum to strengthen and rebalance the immune system.

The Medi ACUTE Capsules by-pass the stomach and open up once they are in the small intestine. Targeting the lower digestive tract, they absorb and remove toxins linked to symptoms of intestinal inflammation and autoimmune conditions, as they pass through the intestinal tract. Once these toxins have been absorbed by MANC® they are safely passed out via natural bowel movements with MANC®.

The high quality colostrum (bovine and decaseinated) in the acute capsules is a valuable ingredient to the mucous membrane in the intestinal tract, acting as a natural prebiotic whilst also supporting the body’s digestive enzymes. This supports the body’s immune system and helps to bring it back into balance.

The product is especially recommended for allergy sufferers and people with leaky gut syndrome. Toxaprevent Medi PURE Capsules contribute to the stabilisation of the intestinal mucosa, strengthening the intestinal barrier for a healthy intestinal flora, and create a favourable environment for good bacteria to colonise.

In studies, clinoptilolite has been shown to strengthen the intestinal barrier and support with intestinal permeability by binding and removing inflammatory mediators.

The active ingredient MANC® is a clean form of zeolite clinoptilolite which is patented for its ability to absorb Heavy Metals (Lead and Mercury), Histamine and Ammonium

Please see FAQ’s for more information about MANC® and Toxaprevent.


Each Toxaprevent Medi ACUTE Capsule contains 375mg of MANC® (Modified and Activated Natural Clinoptilolite), and Colostrum*.

*Colostrum contains lactose. Casein has been removed (decaseinated).

Capsule Shell: Cellulose and gellan gum.

How does MANC® work?

MANC® particles have “cages” where toxins can be stored using a process called ion exchange. MANC® has a negative charge that attracts positively charged toxins and selectively absorbs (binds) them. The particle size is optimised to ensure MANC® stays only in the digestive tract and is eliminated through natural bowel movements, taking the toxic substances with it as it moves through the digestive system. MANC® is the safest and most effective zeolite clinoptilolite available due to it’s specific particle size, cleansing process and its ability to selectively bind to toxic substances whilst leaving essential vitamins and minerals untouched in the body.

  • 100% natural, gluten-free, lactose-free (Please note, the colostrum in the Medi ACUTE Capsules contains lactose)
  • The active substance MANC® is a modified aluminosilicate
  • Kosher/halal
  • Capsule material: vegetarian/vegan
  • Gentle regeneration without side effects

Directions for use

Unless otherwise prescribed by your doctor or therapist, take 1 – 2 capsules 30 minutes before each meal up to three times a day with plenty of liquid (e.g. 200ml of non-carbonated water).



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Toxaprevent Medi ACUTE Capsules

Yes. We can confirm the MANC® products and ingredients are manufactured from raw mineral materials. The products contain no animal components, blood or by-products and contain no alcohol.

Use Toxaprevent for a minimum of 3 – 6 months for a heavy metal cleanse. Given that we are continuously exposed to heavy metals and pollutants on a daily basis, Toxaprevent can be used for longer than 3 – 6 months on a continuous basis, to help the body eliminate these toxic substances.

Results may vary from person to person, and therefore testing alongside using Toxaprevent to monitor heavy metals in the body is always recommended.

  1. Take 3 ACUTE Capsules first thing in the morning 2 hours before breakfast with 300ml water.
  2. Take 3 more ACUTE capsules at night 2 hours after food with 300ml water.
  3. Another sachet may be taken in the afternoon 30 minutes before food to further reduce the toxic burden. 

Continue this protocol for 3 – 6 months. If colostrum (contained in ACUTE Capsules) is not ideal, use PURE Capsules instead. 
Please note, the colostrum in the ACUTE Capsules has been decaseinated but contains a small amount of lactose.

Yes, you can continue taking anti-histamines as well as Toxaprevent as long you leave at least two hours between taking the anti-histamines and taking Toxaprevent orally. The two will work well together as Toxaprevent will bind and eliminate histamine from the digestive tract, while the anti-histamines will stop histamine from binding to histamine receptors, helping to control the severity of histamine reactions.

he Medi PURE and Medi ACUTE capsule material is made from hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) and gellan gum. HPMC is a coating agent and film-former used as an inactive ingredient in the pharmaceutical industry. It has also been used as a rate-controlling polymer for sustained-release dose forms. 

Capsule material:

  • Resistant to stomach acid (sustained release, opens in intestines)
  • Recognised as halal/kosher and vegetarian
  • Contains no chemical additives or solvents
  • Certified quality assurance and traceability of the raw materials

The (bovine) colostrum used in the Medi ACUTE capsules is extracted from the first and third node of cows as this is where the richest colostrum is found. The colostrum is put through a special process which removes the casein.

Please note that although the casein has been removed, the colostrum still contains a small amount of lactose. Therefore, if you or your clients are dairy intolerant, the Medi PURE Capsules are a suitable alternative as the Medi PURE Capsules contain MANC® particles only and nothing else.

MANC® particles use water to help them travel gently through the digestive tract. Therefore, plenty of water should be consumed with each dose of Toxaprevent (300ml for each Medi PLUS Sachet and 200ml for 1-2 Medi PURE & ACUTE Capsules) and throughout the day e.g. 2 litres per day altogether. If you find yourself to be constipated even after drinking plenty of water, then there may be another underlying health issue.