Toxaprevet Medi Plus
Toxaprevent Medi PLUS Sachets
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Toxaprevent Medi PLUS Sachets


What are Toxaprevent Medi PLUS Sachets used for?

  • Targets the upper digestive tract (mouth, oesophagus and stomach)
  • Removes heavy metals (e.g. mercury and lead), ammonium and histamine
  • Heartburn (recurring)
  • Strengthens the intestinal barrier
  • Regenerates intestinal mucosa
  • Supports intestinal health
  • Reduces toxic burden on liver and kidneys
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What are Toxaprevent MEDI PLUS Sachets?

Toxaprevent MEDI PLUS Sachets absorb (bind) and remove heavy metals, histamine and ammonium mainly from the upper digestive tract (mouth, oesophagus and stomach) using the active ingredient MANC® (Modified and Activated Natural Clinoptilolite). The sachets also help to regenerate the intestinal mucosa and support intestinal health by removing environmental pollutants and irritants. 

Targeting the upper digestive tract, the sachets absorb and remove toxins linked to common conditions such as acid reflux (heartburn). Once these toxins have been absorbed by MANC® they are safely passed out via natural bowel movements with MANC®.

The active ingredient MANC® is a clean form of zeolite clinoptilolite which is patented for its ability to absorb Heavy Metals (Lead and Mercury), Histamine and Ammonium.

Please see FAQ’s for more information about MANC® and Toxaprevent.


Each sachet contains 3g of MANC® (Modified and Activated Natural Clinoptilolite), calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate.

How does MANC® work?

MANC® particles have “cages” where toxins can be stored using a process called ion exchange. MANC® has a negative charge that attracts positively charged toxins and selectively absorbs (binds) them. The particle size is optimised to ensure MANC® stays only in the digestive tract and is eliminated through natural bowel movements, taking the toxic substances with it as it moves through the digestive system. MANC® is the safest and most effective zeolite clinoptilolite available due to it’s specific particle size, cleansing process and its ability to selectively bind to toxic substances whilst leaving essential vitamins and minerals untouched in the body.

  • 100% natural, gluten-free, lactose-free
  • The active substance MANC® is a modified aluminosilicate
  • Kosher/halal
  • Gentle regeneration without side effects

Directions for use

Unless otherwise prescribed by your doctor or therapist, take 1-2 sachets 30 minutes before a meal with plenty of liquid (at least 300ml of non-carbonated water per sachet). The sachets must be mixed into water and then drank.

Ideal for use in conjunction with Toxaprevent Medi PURE Capsules.


  • Ammonium
  • Acid reflux (Heartburn)
  • H. Pylori
  • Halitosis
  • Heavy metals
  • Histamine
  • Leaky gut syndrome


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11 reviews for Toxaprevent Medi PLUS Sachets

  1. Gillian Hearn (verified owner)

    I have been using the Toxaprevent plus powder and the cream for hives associated with histamine intolerance. These products have dramatically reduced my hives and I feel generally more energized and less prone to food reactions. Thank you for this product I give these products 5 stars!

  2. Amy Brooks (verified owner)

    Gem of a product – I have been suffering reflux a long time. I got told about toxaprevent and tried it, and it worked. Now I take the capsules and sachets every few months or so. I notice when I’m taking this product, inflammation in my fingers / toes due to arthritis completely disappears. My skin becomes very clear and comfortable and my digestion and breathing improve. I will always fall back on these products – along with an impeccable diet, they are the only thing I’ve ever found to truly help the things I’ve tried for years to improve. Amazing. Very happy customer.

  3. Valerie Said (verified owner)

    Dramatic improvement of bowel movements:

    I originally purchased Toxaprevent because of the research into the way it removes toxins from the body but found that it also has had a huge positive effect on bowel movements. I suffer from Diverticulitis and also have a very large abdominal hernia..Regular bowel movements are essential if i am to avoid inflammation of the diverticula. I used to use large doses of Vitamin C to avoid constipation and/or sluggish bowel movements but found that it often caused diarrhoea. Within 2 days of taking toxaprevent (in the morning) I found that normal bowel movement – and formation – was restored. Quite an amazing result.

  4. Mike Power (verified owner)

    My wife and I were recommended to use toxaprevent at a health holiday resort in Turkey. We have both been taking it each morning for the past nine months and have really felt the benefits in terms of improved digestion. I have suffered from IBS in the past and it has virtually gone now. Great Recommendation.

  5. Jane Brooks (verified owner)

    I really think this worked! I have just finished the 5 day protocol to eliminate Helicobacter Pylori from my system. Today is my first day off the protocol. Results: my digestion, which I thought had already improved 100% after a course of Toxaprevent PURE capsules is now outstanding; my skin is clearer; my skin is comfortable / doesn’t get itchy; my teeth and gums look amazing; my eyes are clearer and I feel really calm and relaxed. I like this product. It works for me really well and after months of searching for something that would work and a lot of money on naturopaths, etc, I am so pleased to have found a solution.

  6. John (verified owner)

    Really good for acid reflux and agency levels big thumbs up from me definitely worth the money

  7. John Sly (verified owner)

    Very good there give you lots off energy teeth look cleaner there really pick you up will order more off these

  8. Catherine Leyreloup (verified owner)

    My doctor who has written a number of award winning books by the way, actually said to buy this, for my gut problems and skin problems.
    It works and it works darn well!
    Apparently many scientific tests have been done and well…..yeah… makes my gut feel amazing, my hair is growing better and my skin is looking glowing!
    I love this product and think it is a phenomenon achievement …..a marvel.

  9. Jayne (verified owner)

    Excellent product – I felt like my histamine levels were getting out of control again so started taking Toxaprevent (capsules and the sachets) again to get things under control. This product is so gentle and effective and I notice improvements in so many things (puffiness, bloating, anxiety, joint pain) immediately. I cannot recommend this product enough – it really does what it says on the tin! Excellent and works every single time.

  10. Jennifer Nyhuis

    I followed the 5 day procedure for using Toxaprevent and L.reuteri to eliminate h pylori. I have a very persistent case of h pylori. I felt amazing while on it! My systemic inflammation seemed to disappear! I specifically noticed, during the protocol, that I was able to bound down my stairs in the morning with no achy stiffness. Quite a noticeable difference from my regular morning feel!

  11. Oluwajoba Odesanya (verified owner)

    Yes, this really does kill H Pylori infection. Also helps with inflammation beyond the stomach, starting from duodenum to the colon. This has helped me fight ulcer and other gut problems due to h pylori. Great product!!!

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Toxaprevent Medi PLUS Sachets

Yes. We can confirm the MANC® products and ingredients are manufactured from raw mineral materials. The products contain no animal components, blood or by-products and contain no alcohol.

Use Toxaprevent for a minimum of 3 – 6 months for a heavy metal cleanse. Given that we are continuously exposed to heavy metals and pollutants on a daily basis, Toxaprevent can be used for longer than 3 – 6 months on a continuous basis, to help the body eliminate these toxic substances.

Results may vary from person to person, and therefore testing alongside using Toxaprevent to monitor heavy metals in the body is always recommended.

Take 2 PURE Capsules three times a day with food and with at least 200ml water. Do this for at least 3 – 6 months.

As food passes from the stomach into the small intestine bile is released from the gall bladder and into the small intestine. Digestive enzymes contained in bile help break down the food. However, bile also contains heavy metals and other toxic substances which are intended for elimination via natural bowel movements. Therefore, taking the PURE Capsules with food presents the best opportunity for MANC® particles to bind heavy metals released with bile in the small intestinal tract, ensuring that, once bound to MANC® particles, heavy metals are also eliminated via natural bowel movements. This prevents them from being reabsorbed in the large colon. Taking the PURE Capsules in this manner will bind and eliminate heavy metals which are in enterohepatic circulation and can trigger the release of heavy metals stored in the body.

If heavy metals are present in the upper GI i.e. the mouth, oesophagus, and stomach, then the PLUS Sachets can be used as these are mixed in water and drank, allowing MANC® particles to act immediately, binding heavy metals from the mouth onwards and ensuring their removal from the body via natural bowel movements. 

1 PLUS Sachet can be taken in the morning and 1 more PLUS Sachet can be taken at night. The PLUS Sachets can be taken alongside the PURE Capsules to ensure heavy metals in the entire digestive tract are being bound and eliminated by MANC® particles.

If heavy metals are present in the mouth, Toxaprevent DENTURA MED toothpaste can also be used each morning to target these heavy metals.

Yes, you can continue taking anti-histamines as well as Toxaprevent as long you leave at least two hours between taking the anti-histamines and taking Toxaprevent orally. The two will work well together as Toxaprevent will bind and eliminate histamine from the digestive tract, while the anti-histamines will stop histamine from binding to histamine receptors, helping to control the severity of histamine reactions.

MANC® particles use water to help them travel gently through the digestive tract. Therefore, plenty of water should be consumed with each dose of Toxaprevent (300ml for each Medi PLUS Sachet and 200ml for 1-2 Medi PURE & ACUTE Capsules) and throughout the day e.g. 2 litres per day altogether. If you find yourself to be constipated even after drinking plenty of water, then there may be another underlying health issue.