Why do clinoptilolite zeolite, including MANC® particles, need to be vacuum sealed in blister packs and sachets?

For safety and effectiveness, all clinoptilolite zeolite products, including MANC® particles, need to be vacuum sealed in air tight sachets or capsules. 

Clinoptilolite zeolite will immediately bind to toxins in the air as soon as they opened from their packaging and exposed to the air, causing contamination. Each time clinoptilolite zeolite is exposed to the air presents another opportunity for clinoptilolite zeolite to bind to more toxins. These toxins take up some of the ‘cages’ in clinoptilolite (reducing its ability to uptake harmful substances in the body) and may poison the body upon consumption of clinoptilolite zeolite – defeating the purpose of taking clinoptilolite in the first place i.e. to detoxify the body of harmful substances and not add to it. This means that clinoptilolite zeolite products which are not vacuum sealed may not be safe for human consumption because the unwanted toxins they absorb from the air could begin to poison the body and reduce their effectiveness. 

Each dose of MANC® particles is packaged in vacuum sealed sachets and blister packs to ensure that the time allowed for contamination with toxins in the air is absolutely minimal. This allows you to open one full dose immediately before you need to take it and consume right away without having to open and store the rest of the MANC® particles – instead of having to scoop it out of a tub and then reseal. This means MANC® particles keep their safety and efficacy.

Why shouldn’t clinoptilolite zeolite ever be absorbed into the body and metabolised by the liver or kidneys?

Clinoptilolite zeolite particles should never be absorbed into the body. The body usually deals with particles taken in through the mouth (usually particles carried in with food) by keeping them in the intestinal tract where they are unable to cross the intestinal barrier into the body. Particles are then eliminated via natural bowel movements. Although smaller particles (those under 3 microns and including nano sized particles) of clinoptilolite are more favourable (because they have a larger surface area which allows them to absorb more toxic substances than larger particles), these are too small as they can be absorbed through the intestinal barrier and into the body. The liver and kidneys will then be tasked with the job of removing them from the body which will be difficult because the body doesn’t have a detoxification pathway for particles once they are absorbed into the body. Transporting these small clinoptilolite particles around the body could potentially lead to ‘clogging up’ of particles in various parts of the body such as the kidneys or gall bladder, and can further contribute to ill health and a feeling of being unwell.

Our metabolic organs are usually already over-worked and over-burdened with daily toxins from the food we eat, pollution, and toxic substances created within the body – any small clinoptilolite particles will only add to the workload. It is therefore important that clinoptilolite particles stay within the digestive tract and are not absorbed by the body. MANC® particles achieve this by ensuring that the particle size is small enough to bind as many toxic substances as possible (for maximum effectiveness) whilst being too large to pass through the intestinal barrier. In other words, MANC® particles are optimal in size.

Although smaller clinoptilolite particles may bind toxins that are stored in the body (in fats, muscles, etc.), getting them back out of the body is difficult, and potentially dangerous! This is why MANC® particles only stay in the digestive tract – because this is the only part of the body that is adequately equipped to eliminate particles. As a result, toxins bound by MANC® particles in the digestive tract are removed via bowel movements, instead of being absorbed. This means that the liver and kidneys are relieved of their daily toxic burden and can function more effectively to handle daily toxins. 

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