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How important is refrigeration during travel if I want to take my personalised microbiome supplement with me?

We have run rigorous testing in house to understand the viability of the strains in each of our live bacteria under specific temperature conditions and have shown that your personalised formula will not be impacted by temperature change. Most bacteria strains can endure temperatures of up to 44 °C and all are happy and active at a body temperature of 36°C.  

Your personalised microbiome supplement is cold shipped to ensure survivability and the bamboo travel jar included in your purpose protects the live bacteria for up to 30 days at room temperature.

How does Floré help my microbiome?

Floré uses the next generation of microbiome analysis allowing us to extract and gain a deeper insight of your gut composition, recording which microbes your body has both lack and ample supply of. Our patented analysis process, allows us to carefully select and craft a personalised microbiome supplement that is designed specifically for your gut needs.

Floré is blended together with the best pre and pro live bacteria, mixed with botanical ingredients from our growing repository of 100+ live bacteria to create you, your truly tailored formula. Your personalised formula is made using only the highest quality bacterial strains, tested and proven to reach your gut and provide an optimum dose of live bacteria for your diet and lifestyle.

Floré is the only one that uses Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) as it consistently provides the most robust and in-depth level of data, including interpretation of individual microbes and uncovering strain level variances between organisms.

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